Rent to Buy Mobility Scooters in Spain

rent to buy mobility scooter in spain


Buying a quality refurbished Mobility Scooter has never been easier!
Simply pay a 30% deposit and rent your Scooter monthly.
Once the sale price has been met… IT’S YOURS!
NO interest, NO fee, NO credit checks, Total flexibility.

For Example:
If the purchase price of a Mobility Scooter is €850, you drive it away today for €255.
Then simply pay the normal weekly rental cost of € 65, €75 or €85 (depending on model chosen) until the sale price has been met.

No Charges:
Because ‘Rent to Buy’ is not a loan, there are NO extra fees or charges to pay. The sale price is all you pay.

You have the freedom to pay the balance in full at any time during the rental period without penalty.
You have the freedom to upgrade or change your Mobility Scooter for another model during the same period.

Quality Guarantee:
Obviously, during the rental period, any repairs or servicing are under our personal warranty. However, in addition, upon final payment your scooter will have a full service, and be given a further 1 year warranty.


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